365 Project – Day 190 – There’s Nothing Like a Drunken Chicken

Whether you’re frying, grilling, broiling or picking up a bucket of the Colonel’s secret recipe, chicken is just plain good. But if you have not yet tried making a Beer Can Chicken (also known as a Drunken Chicken), then you are missing out on what might be, hands down, the bestĀ chicken preparation in the world.

Making a Drunken Chicken is super easy. Buy a whole chicken, rub it down with your favorite spice rub or marinade. Pop the top on a can of beer. Drink about half. Sit the chicken on top of the beer can. Slow roast for a few hours on the grillĀ (or in the oven at about 300 degrees) until the temperature reaches about 165 degrees. Let the chicken rest for 20 minutes, then slice. But believe me, you won’t even need a knife the way the juicy meat pulls right off the bones.

Steven and I have even made a tradition out of making a Drunken Turkey for Thanksgiving. Brined in a homemade mixture of spices and vegetable stock for 12 hours and “stuffed” with a 3/4 can of beer, then smoked for 4 hours, and slow roasted for another 8-10 hours on our Traeger grill, it is by far the best turkey I have ever eaten.

For $6.99, this little BBQ Chicken Roaster that we picked up at Linens ‘n Things has certainly given us its money’s worth.

Tonight’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to the best darn chicken (and turkey) you’ll ever eat. If you’ve not yet shared a beer with a chicken, I do say it is high time to imbibe.

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