365 Project – Day 307 – Our House, in the Middle of Our Street

Okay, so it’s not technically “our” house yet, but we’re inching closer. We made it through the home inspection tonight and got back a fantastic report. Besides a cracked window on the sunporch, a couple of wires in the basement and on the dryer outlet that need casings, one loose shingle near the top of the roof (but no leaks to be seen), and one pipe under the kitchen sink that’s a little drippy, everything checked out and we’re one step closer to closing on our house and moving.


I was pretty optimistic about the inspection. I mean, some houses you just know have issues. You can see them (or smell them) the moment you walk through the door (and believe me, we’ve seen and smelled plenty of them these past 10 months of househunting). This house, on the other hand, just felt solid. Hell, you have to give it a certain amount of credit for the fact that it has survived over 120 years. And my guess is, with a little TLC, it’ll be around for at least another 120.

So, we’ll keep moving foward and, if all goes well, we could be moving in by Thanksgiving! Keep those fingers crossed for us! We’re one step closer to seeing this…

Tonight’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to checking one more item off our home-buying checklist. Just a few left to go!

365 Project – Day Three-Freakin’-Hundred! Go Me!

I’ll admit, back when I first started this 365 Project, I wondered how far I would get. 60 days? 3 months? Maybe, just maybe 6 months? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not usually the type to start something that I don’t finish. In fact, I tend to be the type that will see something through to the finish, even if it nearly kills me. Let’s just say I have a highly overdeveloped, and downright irrational fear of failure. Just the thought of failing sends me into a panicked frenzy.

So tonight, as I log in to blog my 300th consective post, I have to say, I’m pretty proud of my accomplishment so far. Granted, not every entry has been Pulitzer Prize worthy, but there has been something written every single day, and that, I am proud of.

Today’s blog is even a little sweeter because Steven and I got word on the house we bid on earlier this week. The sellers accepted our offer, and we got to sign the papers on our house today!!! Woohoo!!!

We are still several weeks from closing, but everything seems to finally be moving in the right direction for us. We cannot wait to move in and finally unpack all the boxes that have been cluttering up this rental house for the past 10 months. Finally, we will be able to say goodbye to the leaky basement, and to install a dog door so Electra can come and go as she pleases instead of harassing us to let her out every five minutes so she can rid the yard of rabbits and squirrels. And boy, will she be in hound dog heaven in her new home. The yard is huge, stretching all the way around the house, and there are plenty of nooks and crannies and places to sniff. Plus, the chainlink fence perfectly suits her nosey personality, and will allow her to keep an eye on the neighborhood and everyone walking by.

So, we’re just asking everyone to continue to send positive thoughts and prayers our way so that we can make it through the inspection period and closing with no major issues! If all goes well, we will be moving in and celebrating our first Christmas (and maybe even our first Thanksgiving) in our new home…

Tonight’s 365 Project is dedicated a quick and painless move, and to me on my 300th post with year! Thanks for dropping by and reading!

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