I Heart Faces – Pet Faces Challenge

It’s been one helluva summer around here. Between work, vacation, family and friends visiting, three weddings (one we attended as guests, one where Steven was a groomsman, and one I photographed while Cadence was a flower girl), an unexpected funeral, and nine flights (so far, we still have four more planes to catch before August ends), we are officially tapped out–physically, financially, and emotionally.

Unfortunately, all the craziness has caused my blog to suffer (among so many other things), but it’s time for us to start getting back into a routine. It’s time for us to start feeling normal again.

And what better way than for me to enter a photo of our favorite hound in this month’s I Heart Faces Photo Challenge. The minute I saw the challenge topic–Pet Faces–I knew exactly which photo I wanted to enter.

These days, Electra’s favorite spot is lounging on the front porch. And no, she’s not scared in this photo. One of our neighbors came walking by the front of the house while I was snapping the photo and silly Electra was just didn’t have the energy to actually pick up her head to look.

That’s our lazy girl.

Thanks for looking.

All you animal lovers be sure to click the button below and head over to the I Heart Faces website to see all the other adorable entries.

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge – People’s Choice

The big joke in my family is that my sister Kassie basically stalked her now fiance Jeremy and finally wore him down to date and now marry her.  But, whatever the story behind their courtship, spend just 5 minutes with these two and you know for certain they were made for each other.

Now, if I were the betting type, I would bet big money that engagement photos are right up there on most guys’ most-hated lists. In the days leading up to our engagement session, Kassie was harassing Jeremy to come up with fun ideas for their engagement pics.

Jeremy kept saying things like, “How about Kassie holds a football and then I run as fast as I can and tackle her, and you take a picture mid-tackle?”

While a majority of Jeremy’s ideas just didn’t quite pan out, he did come with some really fun things to try. I fell in love with this shot in particular because it just totally fits with the fact that Kassie “chased” Jeremy for so long.

This may not be your traditional engagement photo, but the expression on Kassie’s face = priceless!

Be sure to head on over to I Heart Faces to check out the other fabulous entries for the September People’s Choice. And don’t forget to check back on Wednesday to vote for your favorites!!!

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge – “White”

As a lifestyle photographer, I tend to stay away from staged or posed shots, and I believe that helps me capture my clients’ real personalities during our sessions together. When I saw this week’s I Heart Faces photo challenge theme was “White”, I knew immediately what photo I wanted to enter.

I got so many great shots during my senior session with Katie, but this is, hands down, one of my favorites. I just love everything about it–the location, the colors, Katie’s carefree expression. This is a girl who is sweet, confident, smart, strong and beautiful both inside and out. This is a girl who is going to change the world.


Be sure to head on over to I Heart Faces to check out all of the beautiful entries this week.

365 Project – Day 232 – I Heart Faces Photo Challenge “Pet Week”

Our beloved beagle/basset, Electra, has been the topic of numerous blog posts this year. It really shouldn’t be a surprise. Not only is she adorable, with her perpetually mopey hound dog face, but she is also in the running for the Sweetest Dog On Earth award. I may be biased, but I think she’s got that one in the bag. She’s also a finalist in the Laziest, Most Food Obsessed, and Most Uncoordinated categories.

When I saw this week’s I Heart Faces Photo Challenge was pets, I couldn’t resist but to share one of my absolute favorite photos of our dear Electra. I think this one speaks for itself…

All you pet lovers out there, be sure to head over to I Heart Faces this week to check out all of the other adorable entries.

365 Project – Day 186 – I Heart Faces Photo Challenge – Red, White & Blue

I haven’t been entering many of the I Heart Faces challenges lately. There has just been too much going on around here to keep up. But, in the spirit of patriotism (and because I just fell in love with this photo I snapped of Miss Cadence in her 4th of July dress), I figured I would enter this week’s challenge. There is no judging or winning this week, which is fine by me. I just have a whole lot of fun clicking through all of the gorgeous entries.

I think the reason I love this photo so much is that it is classic Cadence. While my little Energizer Bunny has a million different goofy faces that she is perfecting these days, this sort of solemn, pensive expression is the one she wears when she’s not trying to act like a goofball, and I find myself wondering just what exactly is churning in that little mind of hers. I imagine that one day, she will be telling us some really great stories.

Be sure to head over to I Heart Faces to see some of the other beautifully patriotic photos entered in this week’s challenge! And I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday!

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