Day 107 – The F word

You know, I’d like to have a nice, long (probably expletive-filled) conversation with the first person who ever decided that failure is a bad thing–something to be embarrassed about, something to try and avoid at all costs and never, ever admit to.

I mean seriously, what the hell?

How have we deluded ourselves into thinking only perfection is acceptable, that perfection exists at all? When did we decided to start ignoring the process, to discount all the valuable things we learn when we make mistakes and miss the mark?

I’ve got a newsflash for you folks–nobody ever does it exactly right the first time.


And the only way to ever get it right is to figure out how NOT to do it wrong.

It’s hard though, to admit that we’re not 100% in control of our lives, especially now, living in our social media bubble where we’re constantly bombarded with everyone’s best moments.

It’s hard to own our mistakes and share our struggles when all we see are highlight reels.

But it’s the struggles that give life flavor, that make us strong. It’s the challenges we face that create us and define us and shape us into the people we will eventually become.

We have the potential to do incredible things, to make the world an amazing place, if we can muster up enough courage to try knowing that we’re going to miss the mark a few (maybe a few hundred) times.

We’ve got to experiment and fail and learn and repeat. Every. Single. Day.

So get out there and own your life. Try new things. Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up and cheer you on and help you find the way.

You got this.

Day 106 – Do what you love

Day 104 – Moving mountains

I was having a conversation last week about the challenges we face in life, how sometimes things just sort of pile up and bury you, and how hard it is to claw your way out from beneath the weight of it to keep going.

Yeah…been there, done that.

But that’s just sort of the point, isn’t it…to keep going, to survive (and thrive) in spite of all the things we face that threaten to break us.

And the beauty in all of it is what we can do with the lessons we’ve learned. We get a chance to pay it forward, to be an inspiration to someone else who is struggling, to give others a chance to reach even higher.

And somehow, that makes it all worth it.

Day 103 – All at once

Ain’t it the truth?

Day 99 – Work in progress

I’ve got a confession to make…I’ve been phoning it in a bit with this 365 Project.

I know that’s not coming as a shock to anyone who’s actually been reading this thing.

There have been far too many late nights, far too many days that got away from me and the writing became an afterthought. And wasn’t that the point of this whole project anyway–to get me writing regularly again?

I”ve got no one to blame but myself. No real excuses, other than the fact that life is busy and there’s so much going on during the day at work that sometimes it follows me home and takes over those hours late in the evening after everyone else in the house has gone to bed, those hours when I should be writing or sleeping or doing anything BUT working.

What can I say? Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat.

I’m finding my way, slowly. And I’ll get there, eventually. I just have to give myself some time to adjust and find my balance.

Until then, I’ll just keep trying to do some good and do a little better every day.

Bear with me.

Day 98 – Monday Monday

This morning I discovered a small hole in my slacks (of course, right after I got to work so there was no way to change them) and the sole of my left shoe suddenly detached itself halfway through the day (yep, time for a new pair).

But, I got a few items checked off my endless to-do list. I took a nice long walk around campus during my lunch hour. I soaked up a little sun and enjoyed the beautiful spring day. I did a little reading. I had a great discussion with the front desk crew in my office about the best characters and movies in the Marvel universe. I got an email from Dr. Nakhai (and it sounds like I just might get to spend some much-needed time with her in June). I had a nice dinner with Stevie and the kids (Blue Apron for the win!). I listened to an episode of My Favorite Murder and the Come From Away soundtrack (yeah, I’m just a wee bit obsessed with both). I enjoyed a Cadbury Egg, (mmm…my favorite!) I had a good talk with Henry as I rocked him before bed. I had a good laugh watching the new episode of Bob’s Burgers with Stevie and Cadence. And I just might be getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

How’s that for an awesome day?