Project Life 365 – Day 123 – Quirky

One of the perks of being a photographer and getting random assignments for a local magazine–you get to hang out with the quirky cast of characters like this at their Thursday night dress rehearsal…


Described on their Facebook page as, “Political incorrectness. Roasting of self-important jackballs. Drunken – and sober- inappropriateness. Grand songs making fun of pompous asses. Questionable taste in skit selection. These are Gridiron,” the local Gridiron Show is a must-see. If tonight’s performance at the Howell Theatre here in Lincoln was half as good as what I got to watch in dress rehearsal, the audience was in for a real treat. Look them up. Follow them. And don’t miss another performance. Laughter is good for the soul, you know.

StoriTyme Photos – I Heart Faces April Entry

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