Project Life 365 – Day 72 – Message

After already being snowed in for two days, being suddenly puked on by my 3-year-old, and then walking outside to find this when it was time to hit the road, I think Colorado was trying to send me a message…


Elf on the Shelf – Day 14 & 15

Between Dad having surgery and being in the hospital and Cadence and Steven coming down with some sort of head cold, we seem to be dropping like flies around here. I’ve done really well taking photos of the antics of our little elf. Just haven’t been so great about getting them posted on time! So, today I’m playing a little catch up!

First, sweet Cosette decided to let us know she was thinking about all of us with a little message spelled out in Alpha-Bits Cereal…



And then, this morning, she was back to her crazy antics setting up a zip line between the living room and dining room.




Seriously, who doesn’t love a zip line? Hell, if I knew it would hold my weight, I’d probably give it a try myself! 🙂

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