The ‘Burbs

My favorite line from the old 1989 Tom Hanks movie, The ‘Burbs, is the one repeated by Corey Feldman’s character throughout the movie whenever something good or bad or crazy or unusual or hilarious happens in the neighborhood.

“God, I love this street! Of the

I think I have been waiting my whole life to feel that way. 

When I was young, we were always moving too much. I never really got too attached to any of the houses we lived in. Bird City was too small and claustrophobic. Holdrege was too cliquish and just never really felt like home. New York felt like home, but the apartments I lived in never did. Arizona was too hot and just never seemed to be the right fit. And the first house here in Lincoln was just too old (well, Stevie thought so anyway), and just seemed to be missing something.

And then we moved here, and I gotta say, it feels like home. It felt like home the minute we walked through the door and held the keys in our hand and, for me, that feeling only grew stronger the day we brought Henry home with us from the hospital. I love our house and our neighborhood and the little park that’s only a short walk away. I love the fact that we can actually go trick-or-treating through our own neighborhood , and that there is a little Par 3 golf course that we can join and play. I love that there are families that have grown up here, and a whole slew of new families like ours starting to move in. I love the fact that there is a steady stream of children chasing each other through the neighborhood every day after school and all summer long. I love the way the trees arch over the road like a canopy and that all of the houses are beautiful and unique.

Most of all, I love the fact that I have the opportunity to build a life here and raise my children here.

I guess I’ll just go ahead and say it…God, I love this street.


Project Life 365 – Day 82 – Musical

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I am ridiculously excited about the new Les Miserables movie/musical. Saw it in the theater (well, most of it…Cadence just couldn’t quite make it to the end), and made sure we pre-ordered it so it would be delivered to our doorstep as soon as it was released. Worth every penny.


365 Project – Day 288 – Cadence’s First Crush

So, it’s official, my daughter has her very first crush. But, there are two small problems:

1. He’s a cartoon character.

2. He’s a lizard.

But, about the time she actually starts having serious crushes on real human boys, I might think back to this and realize it’s not so bad.

It’s actually kind of cute, really, how my daughter has fallen head over heels in love with Rango. Except for the fact that she is getting downright demanding about watching her favorite movie at least three times a day. I mean, it’s a great movie, don’t get me wrong. It cracks me up every time we watch it. But three times a day? Hell, these days she insists that I start it over at the beginning as soon as the end credits begin to roll, and today she even had a minor meltdown that resulted in a timeout when her Daddy told her no, she wasn’t going to watch it again.

The best part about Cadence’s crush is that she has started acting out her favorite parts of the movie, and let me tell you, there’s nothing quite as entertaining as Toddler-Piece Theater. Just last night, Steven and I were treated to a comical rendition of a few of the scenes that Cadence currently likes the most (any scene where the characters make a raspberry or spitting down, or when Rango’s posse rides to the music).


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