Project Life 365 – Day 54 & 55

I posted these two photos on facebook, but wanted to share here too, for anyone who is keeping up with my Project Life 365.

Day 54 – When I Grow Up

At this point, I don’t know what Cadence will be when she grows up–an artist, a rock star, an actress, a stuntwoman. What I do know is that whatever she decides to be when she grows up, she’s going to be AWESOME at it. 🙂


Day 55 – Good Night

Anyone who knows Cadence knows that this is one kid who hasn’t been able to fall asleep in public (or anywhere other than a dark, quiet room) since her infancy. Seriously people, it’s like she feeds off other people’s energy. This kid can go full speed from the moment she wakes up, all day long, no nap, running and playing and dancing until the early morning hours (like she did at several weddings this past year) and never run out of battery. If I could find a way to bottle that energy, I’d be a gajillionaire for sure.

So, when Cadence crawled up into my lap and surprisingly began to doze, you know I couldn’t miss the opportunity to document it.

Good night my little Energizer Bunny…


Project Life 365 – Day 48 – Shared Space

Dog in the bed…enough said.


The Reality of Overnight Family Trips

Let’s face it, the one thing that really changes when you have kids is road trips. No more carefree weekend jaunts. No sprawling out in massive beds or snuggling under the covers. And if you have a kid (or kids) and a dog, you might as well kiss any semblance of comfort goodbye once and for all.

Case in point, tonight’s sleeping arrangements in my parents’ guest room.

Here’s where Cadence (or hell, even Electra) should be sleeping…

And this is how it’s working out so far…

That, my friends, is a futon, which is great if you’re

a. A child (or at least a pre-pubescent who hasn’t hit that final growth spurt yet)

b. A dog

c. A drunken college student just looking for a soft place to pass out

d. Sleeping alone for the night

As luck would have it, neither Steven nor I fit any of the criteria above.

Even better, by the time we finally got Cadence in her pajamas and ready for bed, she had already skated past the I’m-Overtired-And-Manic Phase and right into the Look-At-Me-I’m-Delirious-And-Going-To-Run-Until-I-Literally-Pass-Out-From-Exhaustion Phase.

So, after nearly 3 hours of talking, pleading, consoling, cajoling, threatening, asking, demanding, yelling, and shushing, everyone is finally asleep. Well, except for yours truly. First I have to relocate the dog to the easy chair and try to unravel my husband and daughter’s limbs from the large knot of blankets in the middle of the futon.

On second thought, the floor is mighty comfortable…

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