Day 33 – Miss C’s birthday skate party

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when Cadence decided she wanted to try an ice skating party for her birthday. But being able to rent the ice for an hour, the party room for an hour, and have all the pizza, soda, and ice skates included? I was sold.

Before today, I’ve been on the ice exactly twice in my life, but damn if I didn’t impress myself by not even falling! (Can’t say the same for Stevie…he was showing off skating backward and the next thing I knew, he was on his butt on the ice. Haha!)

We had way too much fun! And I’ve got a sneaking suspicion I’m going to be a little sore tomorrow, but I gotta say…totally worth it!

Happy Henry Day Photoblast

Forgive me while I blast you with some long overdue photos from Henry’s 1st birthday. We had a whole weekend celebration for our favorite little man before Stevie and I had to hurry off to New York to clean out and pack as much as possible in Richie’s house to (hopefully) help move things along for a sale. The parties were such a great way for us to kick back and enjoy some fun with family and friends, and little H-man had a blast. Still can’t believe it’s been a year since we officially welcomed this sweet guy into our lives, but as you can see from the photos, this baby (not so much a baby anymore) is incredibly loved.

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate and sent well wishes from afar! We love you!

Swim Party Success

Somehow we managed to sneak a party for Cadence and her girlfriends into our hectic schedules. We headed to the Swimtastic Swim School here in Lincoln where Cadence has been taking lessons since last spring for an afternoon of fun. The girls had a blast in the pool, then devoured some pizza and the most delicious cupcakes from a new shop here in Lincoln called Goldenrod Pastries.

It all added up to a really awesome day, two tired parents, and one very happy little girl.

Thanks so much to the amazing Swimtastic staff, Goldenrod Pastries, and all the girls and parents who helped make the day so special.

The countdown to 6 is officially on!















Elf on the Shelf 2015 – Day 19

It’s been a bit of a rough week. Lots of projects keeping us busy at work. Lots of activities with Cadence’s school as the year winds down for her Christmas break. Stevie’s office Christmas party on Wednesday. Tickets for Stevie and I to go see the new Star Wars movie late Thursday night. Somehow, every free moment just seemed to get filled up with something.

And then, little H-man got sick.

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, we noticed he sneezed a couple times. No big deal.

When I came home for lunch Wednesday, Mom mentioned that he’d been coughing and sneezing quite a bit, and she’d had to wipe his snotty nose a few times.

By the time I got home from work, the poor little dude was coughing, sneezing, wheezing, watery eyes miserable. Mom said she’d thought about calling me at work since he seemed to be getting worse so quickly, but she hated to bother me knowing how busy I was.

Stevie and I were supposed to go to his office’s Christmas Party at home of NU President Hank Bounds, but I couldn’t leave Henry home so miserable. I decided to stay home with the kiddos, while Stevie headed out to the party.

Cadence was crushed. She’d been looking forward to a night hanging out with her friend (and babysitter extraordinaire) Sam Bates for like a month, counting down the days on her calendar on her way to Christmas. Had the heartbreak come a day or two before, it may have given her some time to prepare, but she was hit with the bad news of Henry’s sudden illness and a total change in plans when she walked in the door from school. Poor girl couldn’t hide her disappointment, and it wasn’t long before the tears started flowing.

When we asked Cadence why she was crying, we expected her to say she was sad because Sam wasn’t coming over. Instead, she sobbed about not being able to find her My Little Pony coloring book.

I honestly didn’t even remember that she had a My Little Pony coloring book, but apparently she did and we were suddenly nearing Defcon 1 because she couldn’t locate it.

Stevie and I scoured some of the familiar spots with no luck. Eventually, he had to leave for the party, but Sam Bates saved the day by asking if she could come over and drop off some gifts and hang out for a little bit.

Thank God for Sam Bates. Seriously, I may not have survived the evening without her.

And luckily, whatever crud struck Henry ended up being relatively short-lived. He ran a low-grade fever and had a bit of congestion for a day or two, and then the illness just sort of faded away.

Friday, Cadence’s godmother, Tammy, and I got to go spend some time helping out with her class Christmas party, and then Tammy came over for her and Cadence’s annual gingerbread house building. The two had a blast as always…






And then, late last night after Cadence finally wound down from her class-party-gingerbread-house-construction-sugar-high and fell asleep, Cosette and Leo saved the day by finding the missing My Little Pony coloring book, right where you’d expect it to be hidden in a random Rubbermaid bin in the basement.

Way to go, elves. You guys rock.






Elf on the Shelf 2013 – Day 20


This is sort of the reaction I expect Steven and I will have if we ever walk in on Cadence throwing a crazy party with her friends…






Project Life 365 – Day 39 – Center

Okay, so I sort of fell off the wagon a little  with the 365 Project, but between a weekend visiting Grandma Jayne and Papa Duane for cousin Jordan’s birthday party, Cadence’s 3rd birthday the very next weekend, Cadence getting sick and running a fever the past couple days, her 3 year doctor’s appointment, and getting our taxes done, I didn’t have much time for anything.

I did take a ton of pictures at the birthday parties though, so that makes up for missing a few days.

Hey, my blog, my rules. If you vehemently disagree, feel free to file a complaint. In the meantime, enjoy…

So last weekend, we roadtripped to my folks’ house to attend cousin Jordan’s 5th birthday party. Leave it to Papa Duane to think it’s a good idea to give Cadence ice cream at 10:30 at night. Don’t even ask what time she went to bed after this…


After a night of ice cream fueled mayhem, Cadence was too tired and crabby to go to cousin Jordan’s birthday party without a nap. So, while everyone else finished eating and had a beer at the bar, I took little Miss Stubborn for a drive until she conked out in the back seat. Whatever works, right?


And after a short nap, it was time to party with Zayne and Jordan. Zayne and Steven challenged each other to a few games of Scrabble on the Ipad, and Cadence and Jordan played with all of Jordan’s new toys. The kiddos had a blast, can you tell?















And after having such a great time at Jordan’s party, Miss Cadence was absolutely beside herself waiting a whole week for her own birthday to arrive! Unfortunately, a few guests were unable to make it due to illness and/or sickness, but at least this year a snowstorm didn’t keep anyone away! We ended up with a houseful and loved every minute of it! Thanks to Uncle Bob, Aunt LaRue, Uncle Louis, Grandma Jayne, Papa Duane, Lindy, Richard, Odin, Grandpa Randy, Grandma Vickie, Kendra, Korbin, Sally, Rob, Kathy, Scott, Tammy and Katie for coming to celebrate and making Cadence’s day so very special! Too bad I was so busy chatting and having fun that I didn’t grab the camera sooner to get pictures of everyone before they left!

First, the beautiful birthday girl. I still can’t believe she’s 3!


And the homemade ice cream cake has now officially become a tradition. It’s seriously delicious. and this year I made two for our crowd–one cookies and cream and one mint chocolate chip. Mmmm! Of course Cadence was excited because it incorporates her two favorite food groups–ice cream and chocolate. 🙂

And a shout out to my fabulous hubby for taking over photo duty while I was making sure our child didn’t start her hair on fire blowing out her candles…








After cleaning every last bit of chocolate off her plate, Miss Cadence tought it was time to tear into the gifts–beautiful clothes, art and craft supplies, a couple new movies, money to go do a little shopping, and all things Cinderella. Girl got seriously spoiled.
















After gifts, Cadence, Odin and Sally had fun doing a little watercolor painting…






And we tried to corral a very tired (and increasingly crabby) birthday girl for at least one picture with her namesake great-great-Aunt LaRue. We got a couple silly faces and the token Cadence serious face. Either way, Aunt LaRue and our little Miss Cadence LaRue looked pretty fabulous…




And that’s it, folks. Just a few dozen photos of our wonderfully chaotic life, and the little girl who’s at the center of it all. 🙂

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