Day 113 – Stevie and his cats

Whoever decided to prank my husband by attaching this lovely decal to the back of his car absolutely won the day.

He admitted that he must have looked like a fool, walking out into the parking lot and having to stop and stare at his own car for a few minutes wondering why someone else with that ridiculous cat family sticker was in the spot where he swore he remembered parking that morning. And then it dawned on him that it was HIS car and someone at work decided to play a little joke.

The part that cracked me up was that his co-workers were probably watching him out the office windows and cracking up at his confusion.

So next time you see Stevie out driving around, make sure you compliment him on his adorable cats. 🙂

Elf on the Shelf 2016 – Days 13-15

I can’t believe I missed a day of photos, and such a good day too! We woke Tuesday morning and found the crazy elves had wrapped toilet paper around themselves and around the ceiling fan in our upstairs hallway, and they were swinging around on the fan like a carnival ride. Here’s a terrible sketch to help you visualize (take note of Cadence’s epic bedhead–I don’t know what that girl does in her sleep but her hair looks like it has been tied in knots by a legion of demons during the night).


Wednesday morning, Cadence woke to find Cosette and Leo just hanging out on the kitchen counter. We thought maybe they’d taken a night off from their shenanigans, but then Cadence fired up her Daddy’s iPad and we we quickly discovered that our sneaky little elves had been having way too much fun taking selfies. They even set their favorite as the screensaver.


This morning, we don’t know exactly what happened to make Buzz Lightyear decide these elves needed to be disciplined, but we woke to find Buzz had taken matters into his own hands and put the elves in a serious timeout.

Well done, Buzz. Keep those two in line.







Prank War 2014 – Rats

Okay, since some people saw my friend Sam Bates’ Facebook post earlier today (the one where she called Steven and I maniacal, little geniuses and vowed to exact revenge) and wondered what the heck was going on, I figured I would fill in a few holes in the story. So here goes…

Sam Bates and Danielle Beebe are quite the practical jokers. I hadn’t even known Beebe a week before she hid a remote control spider in my desk at work. After that, the prank war was on. Any of the really crazy photos you saw me post last year (with things in jello, banana bombs, people sneaking up on each other wearing rubber horse heads, etc.) likely involved Sam or Beebe.








Now that we no longer work together, the prank war has hit home. The girls had free reign in our house while we were in New York, and we came home to find some giant, hairy plastic spiders hidden in drawers and under pillows around our house.

Ha! Good one, ladies.

It’s not that we were letting it slide exactly, we just like to take our time when it comes to plotting our revenge.

Saturday, Beebe arrived at our house bright and early to sell some things on our garage sale. Sam and Katiana arrived shortly after to help keep Cadence occupied. When Bates and Beebs disappeared into the house for awhile, I knew something was likely up, but didn’t think much about it. Later, after the sale had been cleaned up and everyone had gone home, Steven and I found the first of the little black rubber rats the girls had so thoughtfully hidden around the house. I found one in the doughnut box on the counter. Steve found one in the silverware drawer. I found one hiding in my coffee stash.


Later that evening, I was even startled when I stepped out of the shower and saw one peering at me from behind the toilet.

We decided it was time for a little revenge.

It started with a text on Sunday evening: “Hey…question for you both, and Kat since she was here too…did you guys notice Electra eating anything weird or acting strange yesterday? She has been coughing and gagging today, and threw up some black stuff. She has never done anything like it before. Maybe she got into something yesterday during the sale? I just remember her lying in the yard a lot. Never saw her eat anything. We are thinking we are going to call the vet and try to get her in.”

Nope, they never noticed anything.

I asked Sam if she would be on call to babysit in case we needed to run Electra to the vet during the night. She agreed.

This morning, I got a message from Sam asking how Electra was. I spun an even wilder tale about how she seemed okay Sunday evening, but then woke us up coughing and gagging in the middle of the night. I talked about how we got up this morning and she refused to eat (which should have been a big clue that the story was bogus).

I mixed together a concoction of water, ketchup, and cut up pieces of one of the rubber rats and sent along a little photo, telling Bates and Beebe that we’d taken her to the vet and were waiting to hear if she needed surgery for some kind of obstruction because she’d thrown up a bunch of black chunks and red bloody looking stuff.

I give you Exhibit A…


Yeah, we’re mean, but when you start a prank war with the Romanos, you better watch yourself.

There was 15 or 20 minutes of silence before Bates started blowing up my phone with a full confession and apology in texts. I managed to get the location of the last few rats out of her, and then told her I needed to call the vet with an update.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.53.22 PM

Instead, I texted Stevie to let him know our plan had worked, and then spent a little time arranging this photo to call out the pranksters and let them know the tables had turned…


I have no doubt that we’re eventually going to be the victims of some pretty epic prank war retaliation but, for now, we’ll enjoy our victory.

I’m Going To Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Stevie says, if memory serves, the jokes from Tim started about an hour after he started work at the City of Casa Grande.

“So what? You turned state’s evidence? You’re hiding out here? No Italian moves to Arizona unless they’re hiding something,” said Tim.

And by the end of the work day, my husband Steven would forever be known as Stevie “The Fish” Romano. Because, you know, all Italians need to have a nickname.

From there, the practical joking only escalated. Tim is a joker, and Steven is always game to play along. After months and months of being startled by Tim sneaking up and pounding on his office window and taping a dirty “Will Work For Food” sign he’d found in the parking lot to Steven’s door, Stevie “The Fish” finally got a chance to retaliate.

As Steven left work so we could fly to New York for vacation in July 2009, he snuck into Tim’s office to steal a framed photo of Tim’s wife from his desk. Every day of our weeklong vacation, we made sure to take photos showing Tim’s wife enjoying her impromptu New York vacation. Here are a few of the highlights…

We’ve got Tim’s wife making Gary’s famous cheese dip, and checking out Donny’s new barbecue grill…

Tim’s wife enjoying some Entenmann’s doughnuts with the Meyer’s…

Tim’s wife with Aaron “The Base” Moranz and Scott “Money” Geminn…

Tim’s wife with Audrey and Lorelei Heath…

Tim’s wife with the world famous Candlelight hot wings…

Tim’s wife with the Filippelli’s and the Kennedy’s…

And Tim’s wife, seeing her first ever New York Mets game at the new Citi Field in Flushing Queens…

I gotta admit, Steven and I were pretty proud of ourselves for that little prank, and everyone in the City of Casa Grande offices had fun receiving a daily email and seeing the pictures of Tim’s wife in New York on Facebook.

After that, we knew, Tim was going to have to get creative to get back at Stevie “The Fish”.

Other than a farewell cake ambush that was caught on video on Steven’s last day at Casa Grande, all has been quiet on the Tim pranking front.

Until today…

The UPS man rang the bell and left this package at the door. Even if Tim hadn’t contacted me through Facebook two days ago, I would have known immediately who the package was from as soon as I saw the label. I laughed and set it aside. Steven came home from lunch and immediately tore into the package…

Well-played Mr. Proffer. Well-played.

But be warned, Prank War 2012 is on. And you should never underestimate Stevie “The Fish”.

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