Elf on the Shelf 2013 – Day 15

Apparently Cosette was famished after her overnight trip to the North Pole, because this is where we found her this morning…







And because seeing Cosette reminded me that I had a loaf of Italian bread in the freezer just begging to be thawed, it looks like a little Cap’n Crunch French Toast is on the menu tomorrow morning. Mmm…


Yeah, looks amazing, right? There’s a reason this stuff is on our breakfast menu every Thanksgiving (and any other day during the year we wake up and realize we can’t possibly make it through a day without it). And just because I’m a nice person who likes to spread all the good I can in this world, here’s the recipe. You’ll thank me after the first bite. 😉

Cap’n Crunch French Toast (as seen on the show Diners, Drive-in’s, and Dives)

3/4 cup heavy cream,
3 large eggs, lightly beaten
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
3 cups Cap’n Crunch cereal
8-10 slices thick cut french bread or Texas Toast
Butter for cooking

1. Mix the cream, eggs, sugar, and vanilla in large bowl and whisk until combined.

2. Put the cereal in a large Ziploc bag and use a rolling pin to crush until cereal resembles cracker meal. Transfer to a shallow dish.

3. Dip slices of bread into the cream mixture until soft but not completely soaked. Let excess liquid drip from the bread, then press into the cereal crumbs to coat evenly.

4. Heat a large skillet or griddle over medium heat, add butter as needed and cook the bread until caramelized on both sides.

Toppings – the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives book calls for topping with whipped cream and fresh berries, which is delicious. We also add a slight drizzle of maple syrup and it was fa-bu-lous!


Project Life 365 – Day 115 – Homemade

On tonight’s menu, rotini with herbed lemon chicken in a garlic cream cheese sauce. Yeah, that’s some yummy homemade goodness thanks to the crock pot this week. Can I get a hell yeah?


Mmmm…Blueberry Banana Bread

Head on over to Lori Bites for tonight’s Blueberry Banana Bread recipe. You won’t be sorry. 🙂

365 Project – Day 312 – Cheeseburger Soup Recipe on Lori Bites Blog

So, I have been meaning to post this recipe for over a week now, but it’s been pretty hectic around here. Now that the temperatures are officially dropping for good, everyone needs a great soup recipe, and this recipe for Cheeseburger Soup is tied with the Tortellini Vegetable Soup for the #1 spot on my Top 10 Favorite Soups List.

Yeah, it’s that good.

It’s always a crowd pleaser, so if you’re looking for something to bring along to a pot luck or having a bunch of friends over to watch football this weekend, this is definitely a recipe you need to try.

You won’t be sorry.

To find the full recipe and blog post, click HERE.

365 Project – Day 289 – Cinnamel Apple Pie

Love pie? If the answer is yes, you’ve gotta try this one. I made it tonight with some of the apples we picked on our excursion to Martin’s Hillside Orchard on Saturday…


Head over to my Lori Bites blog for the full recipe. You won’t be disappointed.

365 Project – Day 266 – Homemade Chicken & Noodles

After seeing my friend Nikki announce on Facebook that she had made a batch of her Grandma’s Chicken & Noodles for dinner, I’ve been hankering to give it a try. There’s nothing like Chicken Noodle Soup when you’re sick. Cadence and I have been sick for almost a week now, so we definitely needed a good, old-fashioned chicken noodle remedy.

I don’t know if it was the soup or watching the Huskers win again today, but we both seemed to be feeling a little better this evening.

If you’d like to give the recipe a try, head on over to my Lori Bites blog and check it out. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Tonight’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to my friend Nikki for being the inspiration behind tonight’s delicious meal. Yum!

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