Project Life 365 – Day 7 – Simplicity

It’s the simple things in life that make our sweet hound Electra happiest…a little food in her bowl, a warm place to sleep, some people to snuggle with, and a scent to track.

We could learn a lot from dogs.


People Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Best Friend

The first time Steven and I ever saw our sweet hound Electra, she was standing back, behind a wiggling wall of a half-dozen jumping, howling beagles, as if waiting her turn to come and greet us. We fell in love immediately with her droopy, half-basset face and her gentle, easy-going personality.

When I was pregnant with Cadence, Electra would often climb up onto the couch next to me to take a nap, sleeping with her head resting on my burgeoning belly. Later, when we brought our new baby home, Electra quickly grew so attached to the newest member of our family that she didn’t even want us to leave the house with Cadence.

As Cadence grew, she wasn’t quite sure what to think of this hound who was always either trying to snuggle up against her or steal her food. She thought it was fun to crawl into Electra’s dog bed, and even learned to stand and walk by grabbing fistfuls of Electra’s loose skin to pull herself up on her feet. As soon as she was fully mobile, she discovered how fun it was to chase Electra around the house and toss her treats for being a good dog.

These days, Cadence loves “Dectra”. She smiles and says “Hi Dectra” each morning when she gets up, and gives her a hug and a kiss at night before she goes to bed. She follows Electra around the house, sometimes just playing Follow the Leader, other times chasing Electra with her toy lawnmower or  the laundry basket. The best, though, is when Cadence tries to get Electra involved in one of her games.

Just yesterday, I managed to get these shots of my favorite girls as Cadence tried to interest Electra in a little fort-building with the couch cushions. Seriously, who needs television when you’ve got this kind of entertainment?


Yes, I’m yelling. I want to get your attention. 🙂

So, I know I may be biased, but I happen to think that my dog is one of the most adorable dogs out there. In fact, I think she’s so cute that she’s a shoe-in to win the Concordia College New York Cutest Pet contest, so I entered a photo of her.

To win, Electra needs the most “Likes” on her photo. So, I’m asking all friends, family, and followers to head over and cast your photo for the one and only Electra. Just click on the photo below and you’ll be taken directly to the Facebook page where you can vote for Electra. All you have to do is “Like” her photo. Come on, show this sweet ol’ hound dog some love!

And feel free to share the link with all your friends and family on Facebook. Vote Electra! 🙂

365 Project – Day 320 – And She Ran, She Ran So Far Away…

It’s been almost 36 hours and Steven is still a bit mad at Electra.

I can’t say I blame him. Electra nearly gave both of us heart attacks when she bolted out the front door and into the street yesterday. Darn dog. I don’t know what got into her.

Okay, so maybe we shouldn’t have been totally surprised. I mean, she is half Beagle, and everyone knows they are prone to run, especially if they catch an interesting scent on their way out the door. But Electra has never been…well…motivated. In fact, she is in the running for the Laziest Dog I’ve Ever Known Award. She may be half Beagle, but she is also half Bassett Hound, and between her thick sausage-shaped Bassett body and her ultra-lazy Bassett personality, she’s got maybe a quarter mile of motivation in her before she runs out of steam.

Unfortunately, a quarter mile seems a lot farther when your dog is running down the middle of a residential street and you’re wearing a suit and tie and a pair of dress shoes.

So yeah, Steven is still a little perturbed about his unexpected lunchtime jaunt around the neighborhood, and I’m just mad that I didn’t have a chance to grab my camera.

So instead, I’ll leave you with this photo taken the day we adopted Electra back in 2009. She was being…well…her lazy self, and Steven was just trying to figure out what exactly he was supposed to do with a dog. 🙂

Tonight’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to my dear husband, for loving our sweet Electra enough to chase her around the neighborhood when she escapes, and to Electra for not having more stamina.

365 Project – Day 308 – Ambition

Electra may not be the fastest dog around, or the most obedient, or the most coordinated. But if there’s one thing she has, it’s an abundance of ambition. She has lofty dreams, this sweet hound of ours. She dreams of a world with an endless supply of kibble and cookies, a world where the squirrels are slow and the rabbits slower, a world where it’s not rude or frowned upon to stick her nose right in the middle of everyone’s business for one good sniff.

And, in the perfect world, there would certainly be no fences between her and whatever scent happens to catch her attention.

Some new neighbors recently moved into the house on the other side of the fence. After doing some initial remodeling indoors, they have moved onto the yard and cleared away several trees, piling a big pile of fallen leaves and branches and debris near the fence.

Something in the pile caught Electra’s attention today.

As much as I love my dog, I have to be honest…for all her ambition, she has about as much chance of actually digging out of the yard as I have of one day winning an Olympic gold medal for the 100-yard dash. It took Electra a half-hour just to clear away enough soil to actually stick her snout beneath the fence. After that, she was prefectly content to just give a few big (and very loud) sniffs, and she was satisfied.

And with that, she was onto her next adventure.

Tonight’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to my dear sweet dog and her big dog dreams. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

365 Project – Day 292 – Electra, Up Close & Personal

I very well might be biased, but I happen to think that Electra is, without a doubt, the best dog out there. She’s got the sweetest (and and downright mopiest) face you’ll ever see. Yeah, she’s a bit of a food whore, and she tends to be a bed hog, but she’s also adorable and loving and so very patient.

She puts up with a lot, our droopy faced hound. She puts up with Steven when he twists her ears up to the Princess Leia-style buns, or ties them in a loose knot on the top of her head. She puts up with Cadence grabbing handfuls of her loose skin to stand up and taunting her with food. And she puts up with being my  model whenever I decide I want to test something out with my camera.

Bribe her with a cookie, and she’ll pose as long as I want.

Just today, I had her sit for a few shots in front of the patio door while I tested out my new zoom lens. I wanted to make sure the focus was accurate before I headed out for my photo shoot, and after a few requests to sit and a promise of treats, Electra was happy to oblige.

I have to say, I love this lens, though not nearly as much as I love my dog.

Tonight’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to my dear Electra. Call me psychic, but I see a long modeling career in her future.

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