Day 87 – The balancing act

I was standing in my kitchen tonight–I’d put the kids to bed and finally had a chance to sit down and eat some dinner. With my right hand, I was putting my dirty bowl in the sink and turning on the water to rinse it. With my left hand, I grabbed a cup from the cabinet and reached over to begin filling it from the water dispenser in the fridge. I stood for a few moments, water running on either side of me, looking back and forth between these two tasks to make sure nothing spilled or ran over.

And in that brief moment I thought, “This is a perfect sample-size snapshot of my daily life–splitting my time between a myriad of tasks, often juggling two, three, twelve things simultaneously and trying like hell not to keep my wits about me and not let anything drop.

It’s challenging and some days it’s downright exhausting, but it’s exhilarating too. And all I can do is my best, and then try to do better the next day.

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