Elf on the Shelf 2013 – Day 17

Cosette must have noticed that we’ve been a little behind the ball with Christmas this year. I mean, we just got the tree up, we don’t have any lights on the house yet (save for the giant light up giraffe we have sitting on our front porch), we haven’t attempted to take a photo or make any Christmas cards yet, and the last of the gifts we bought online haven’t even arrived to be wrapped yet. I guess she figured we could use a reminder to make sure Cadence got her letter written to Santa.

Thanks, Cosette. We’re sure glad you’re looking out for us!





And tonight, after dinner, a shower, and a nail-painting session, Cadence dictated and signed her letter to jolly ol’ Saint Nick, and made sure to give it to Cosette before she went to bed. We know Cadence’s letter is in very good hands.


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