Who Are You?

Since I first began blogging regularly, I’ve often wondered just who is out there reading this anyway? I have a group of subscribers and followers who I have been able to cyberstalk and find out who they are through their own blogs. But these days I’m routinely getting hundreds of hits a week (sometimes even hundreds a day), and I have no idea who is actually out there reading.

I gotta say, some days I don’t know whether to feel like a celebrity, or like someone is standing outside in the dark and peering in through my windows.

Guess that’s sort of what blogging is all about isn’t it?

Well, tonight I’m turning the tables. I’ve written hundreds of posts here, giving you glimpses into my life and my view of the world. Now, I’d like to know a little about yours. So, here’s what I’m asking you to do…

If you’re reading this post, leave a comment, and tell me something about yourself. It can be as simple as your name and where you’re from or, even better, how about some fun little fact about yourself. Come on, who’s out there? How’d you find me? And what keeps you coming back here for more?

Your comment here…

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