It’s funny how people keep apologizing to Steven and I about the winter weather here in Nebraska. It’s even funnier how they keep giving us strange looks when we tell them we just moved from Arizona.

Yes, we moved to Nebraska in the middle of winter. Yes, we knew it was going to be cold. No, we don’t mind it. In fact, after a long, hot summer of record-breaking heat in Arizona (with temperatures still in the 100’s in late-October), the cold actually feels pretty darn good!

After spending several winters without it, I’d forgotten how much I love the snow. I love the silence of a snowfall, the way the world itself seems to stop and stand still in awe it. I love the way a good snowfall can turn a boring view into a work of art. Most of all, I love the way a snowfall gives us a glimpse of God’s grandeur in the midst of a long, dead winter.

For today’s 365 Project entry, I had to share two photos of the snow. The first, a close up of the view from out patio. The second, Electra keeping an eye on the accumulation from her warm spot inside the door.



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