One of the best things about having children in the house is watching them learn. Cadence is in the midst of toddlerhood, which means she is in the midst of learning by imitation. Our little monkey spends her days holding our cell phones to her ear and jabbering to some imaginary friend on the other end, sneaking Momma’s laptop and pretending to type, picking up the TV remotes and changing the channels (or hitting the Record button so that we have random shows filling up our DVR memory).

She insists upon turning the lights on when we enter a room, and then turning them off when we leave. When I brush my teeth, she asks for her toothbruth. When I dry my hair, she wants to comb hers. When I’m making dinner, she wants to play with the empty butter tub, stirring some invisible concoction and offering me a taste.

Tonight, she picked up one of my sports bras and wanted to wear it. I obliged, and slipped it on over her t-shirt. Steven and I cracked up as she ran around for most of the evening wearing it. She is trying so very hard to be a big girl. Now, if we can just get her interested in learning how to use the toilet  like a big girl, we’ll be in business!

Tonight’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to our little big girl. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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