One of the things I love most about my husband is the way he can always make me laugh. Even when he’s doing things that get on my nerves (like double-dipping the peanut butter and jelly or wearing and refusing to get rid of socks that have multiple holes in them), he always finds a way to make me smile. If you ask me, it makes for a very healthy relationship to be able to laugh about something with your partner at least once a day.

This week in particular, we’ve gotten our fair share of chuckles over a couple of mysterious red marks that suddenly appeared on Steven’s face. Monday night, we wound down the evening watching the episode of Celebrity Apprentice that we taped. Afterward, as we were picking up Cadence’s toys in the living room and getting ready for bed, I noticed a red splotch on Steven’s temple.

The photo doesn’t really even do it justice, since it was taken two days later after the mark had already begun to fade. Imagine a dark red, round spot looking suspiciously like a hickey. When I asked Steven what happened because it looked like he’d been hit in the head, he claimed to have no idea how the mark got there, and strangely enough, I hadn’t noticed it being there when he got home from work just a few hours earlier. It took a few minutes of pondering, but the light bulb finally went on.
“Ooooh, I know what it is,” Steven said. “It’s from me sucking my face.”
Obviously we need a little explanation here.
A few days ago, I’d rinsed out a couple of old travel size shampoo and conditioner bottles and given them to Cadence to play with. She’d been having a ball carrying them around the house, pretending to pour water from her sippy cup into them, pretending to drink out of them, and tucking them away in her toy purse. Apparently, Steven had gotten so engrossed in watching Celebrity Apprentice, that he didn’t even realize he had picked up one of the bottles and started suctioning it to his head. He would squeeze the bottle, press it up against his temple, and then let go. Sometimes it would stick and just hang there. Sometimes he would pull it off. He must have been doing this for over an hour and, as a result, given himself a hickey on his temple.
Of course, I had to ask him to recreate the circumstances so I could get a photo for the blog.
Last night, as our evening was winding down once again, I noticed something else peculiar about Steven’s face. At first, I thought it was just a shadow, but it appeared that he suddenly had a unibrow. I turned on the light to get a better look, and saw this:
Once again, I asked him what he’d done to his forhead, but he just waved his hand to dismiss me and called me crazy. He thought I was just teasing him after the whole shampoo-bottle-hickey incident, so he wouldn’t even go look in the mirror to see what I was talking about. I just shook my head and forgot about it.
Today, when he came home for lunch and walked in the door, I laughed out loud because the mysterious new mark had gotten darker and much more noticeable overnight.
For the life of him, Steven could not figure out where this new mark had come from. As we sat down to have lunch and watch a little of the midday Mets game that was on television, we tried going back over the events of the previous evening, but nothing came to mind. We’d spent a little time in the yard, then sat down for dinner and watched the Mets game, then went to bed. Suddenly, as Steven sat watching his team and fretting over their lackluster performance against the Rockies, it suddenly became clear…
Obviously, my husband needs to pay a little bit more attention to what he’s doing when he’s engrossed watching television.
Today’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to the one guy who can always make me laugh. I’m already looking forward to our next adventure.

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