I don’t know what this kid does when he sleeps, but he could win some sort of world record for his bedhead.

And that’s just what was rockin’ in front. He wouldn’t let me get a picture of the back. He also refused to let me try to smooth anything down so, you guessed it, I sent him off to school that way. And somehow that hair was even wilder when he got home.

Listen, as a parent, you learn quickly to pick your battles, especially if you have kids as stubborn as mine. A little weird half-mohawk half-flat-pixie-bangs going on? Not gonna waste my time or energy chasing H-man around the house with a comb and a handful of mousse to try and tame it. I’ll save my efforts for the important things like getting this stubborn kid to poop on the toilet or eat a freakin’ vegetable without it turning into a hostage situation at the dinner table.

Plus, if this keeps up, I’ll eventually be able to make a nice little photo montage to display on the wall or maybe save for a special occasion like high school graduation, or those cute little videos people like to show at wedding receptions. Or, you know, just post it on a blog. 🙂

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