I don’t even know if I can pinpoint a beginning to the madness–a traffic cone or two, a few cryptic lines and arrows spray painted on the pavement. Then the trucks and the machines moved in and the men in the bright orange vests started closing lanes and digging holes in the concrete.

The crews worked their way slowly up one lane of 84th, and then back down the other. Dig a hole, fill it in. Repeat. From O Street to Adams and back to Holdrege, where they seem to have gotten stuck and have since dug up and replaced the entire intersection.

At first, I thought it was just pothole repair. But then the holes started getting bigger. Then there were entire sections of the street missing. But there was no cable or fiberoptics being installed. No pipes. No underground power lines. Nothing but concrete going out and coming in. Several sections of curb even had to replaced. That may not have even been part of the plan.

Although at this point, I am having a really hard time believing there is a plan, because today when I headed to pick up Cadence at school, I found the left northbound lane was blocked off, again, and that now after months replacing sections, they just went ahead and shaved off the top 5-6 inches of a half-mile section of the street…the street they just replaced.


What the hell is going on? It’s like Groundhog Day, but with traffic cones and twinges of road rage.

Get your shit together City of Lincoln. The only place I ever saw road construction this redundant was New York City and, come on, with the amount of traffic in that town, endless construction projects actually make sense. Here in Lincoln, the only conclusion I can come to is, they’re doing it wrong.

But if anyone has a better explanation, I’m all ears.



  1. They did this out by our place too! They had blocked off the corner of 66th and Vine FOR NO REASON. They didn’t do anything for weeks, and then one day all the cones were gone. WUUUUUUT?

    Also, Lincoln should change their motto to “Lincoln: City of Potholes” 🙂

    1. So annoying! My theory about the potholes…the city created this beet juice brine that they claim works so much better than just salting the streets like every other city. I think the beet juice is eating the streets and they haven’t figured it out yet.

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