Most parents will tell you that life becomes quite an adventure when you have kids.

They’re not exaggerating, folks. Kids are chaos magnets. The moment you invite a sweet little bundle of joy into your lives, you can pretty much kiss any sort of normalcy or long-term planning goodbye. Hell, with Cadence, it started before she’d even made her appearance outside the womb. Don’t believe me? You better go take a look at her 4-part birth story…

Three Years Ago Today (part 1)

Three Years Ago Today (part 2)

Three Years Ago Today (part 3)

Three Years Ago Today (part 4)

There are no shortcuts. No instruction manuals. No quick fixes. Even the so-called experts are only giving you a vague set of guidelines that worked well enough for the small group of kids they worked with during their careers. But your kid? Well, your kid is probably going to be an exception. Why? Because the Universe likes to throw curveballs to see how you’re going to react. And that’s what life is really all about isn’t it? How we react.

I have to admit, I had high hopes for today’s Project Life 365 theme “Adventure”. The forecast was calling for temperatures in the 50’s, and Cadence is always up for some quality time running outside. I thought we might be able to ressurect her Batgirl costume, or even head to one of the local parks or play areas to get some photos of her exploring or climbing to the top of the tallest slide she can find the way she likes to.

But Tuesday Cadence started running a fever, and then whatever cold or nasty virus she managed to catch spent the rest of the week kicking her poor little butt. We spent the majority of Wednesday and Thursday on the couch. Friday, Cadence was content to lie in Mommy and Daddy’s bed watching cartoons while I finished up a photo editing project, and then we did a little playing before our worn out little girl was asking to go to bed early.

Cadence finally woke up this morning without a fever and requested pancakes for breakfast. After hardly being able to convince her to take more than two bites of anything all week, I was happy to oblige. And when I presented her with a big chocolate chip pancake, she devoured it. Though she was obviously feeling better, and spent most of the day running around like her crazy old self, we decided it was probably best to take advantage of our weekend with no plans and spend a lazy few days hanging around the house. The most adventurous thing we did all day may have been finishing the laundry and coloring, but I say, it was a day well spent.


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